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Our service. Meeting your needs.

  • Urgent Service Available 24 / 365

    If you have an urgent requirement for information or an 'on-site' service, as far as is practically possible, we will endeavour to meet your needs as required.

  • Direct contact to a Senior Member of Staff

    No need to wait for a 'management meeting' to have an answer.

  • Competence

    Our experience, client accreditations and Official Recognition status all demonstrate our competence.

  • Reporting

    Provision of comprehensive reports that allow you to know where your wire ropes are, on 'a line' between the new and the discard condition, allowing you to carry-out a rope change-out, as far as is possible, at a convenient time.

  • Impartiality and No conflict of interest

    We have in-house or access to all the information you would find in a wire rope manufacturing company but with no conflict of interest.

Working for you

  • Manufacturing Defects (Wire Ropes)

    If we find any manufacturing defects we will bring this to your attention and provide you with the necessary information to take this up with your wire rope supplier, if this would be an appropriate course of action, alternatively we can handle this on your behalf. Note: Such situations need handling in a sensible way in that, although wire ropes are sometimes not 'perfect' when they are supplied, it does not mean that the rope will not achieve a satisfactory service life. Our experience is that wire rope suppliers generally respond in a positive way when provided with information from a knowledgeable independent.

  • Mutual Advantage

    We believe in the principle of mutual-advantage in that, whilst you provide us with work, in return our objective is to help you eliminate problems that can adversely affect the efficiency, cost and safety of your operation and thereby keep your operation running with the minimum loss of production.

  • Commissions

    We never take commissions from wire rope suppliers or other suppliers that would have an impact on our impartiality when dealing with your operation.

  • Quality of workmanship

    It is a fundamental principle that we never compromise the quality of work or the safety of personnel for commercial gain.

  • Safety

    We always endeavour to work in a safe manner, giving due regard to all those working with us or in close proximity, both Ropetech and non-Ropetech employees, and also to safeguard your plant and the environment.

38 years' experience. Proven technical knowledge.

What sets Ropetech apart is our 'in-house' detailed knowledge and understanding of wire rope and our practical experience of working with wire ropes. In addition, our wide network of other independent wire rope engineers means that, if we don't have in-house the answers, we very likely know someone who does.
  • Manufacturing Experience

    In one of the world's leading wire rope manufacturing companies: Our knowledge is based on 10 years of working in production, involved with the manufacture of stranded ropes, spiral strands and locked coil ropes; ultimately in technical services.

  • Field Experience

    Many years of working on numerous types of installations including: Mines, Cable Cars, Ski-lifts, Cable Cranes (Blondins), Offshore Cranes, Flare Stacks, Transmission Masts and Bridges.

  • International Experience

    Worldwide Contracts:
    Services have been provided in Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sri-Lanka & the United Kingdom

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Technical Papers

For access to our technical papers, please visit our LinkedIn page where you'll find all relevant technical papers available for download.

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Further details including our Accreditations Document and details of the Official Recognition we hold or have held can be found on our LinkedIn page.

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