Wire Rope Technical Services

for Mining, Aerial Rope Transport, Haulages & Civil Engineering

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Not sure about the condition of your wire ropes?
  • Frequently having to change-out wire ropes and don’t know why?
  • Unexplained wire rope deterioration?
  • Have recently had an incident involving a wire rope?
  • Not sure that the inspection or examination reports you are receiving are correct?
  • Not sure of the impartiality of the advice you are being given?
  • Lack of commitment and / or availability on the part of your current service provider?

If you are operating a time based change out policy are you:

  • Changing out wire ropes too early whilst they are still in good condition?
  • Have you considered the impact of any of the above possibilities?

If the answer to any of the above is yes; the solution is to talk to Ropetech

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What Ropetech can provide for you

  • Detailed accurate and definitive examination data that allows you to know the real condition of your wire ropes and where they are on a time line between the new condition and the discard condition.
  • Independent and impartial advice with no conflict of interest.
  • The service you need to keep your operation running with the minimum loss of production and with maximum safety.
  • In the case of a new installation the information you need to make the most appropriate choice of wire ropes and associated ‘iron work’; not what the supplier wants to sell you.

Magnetic Defectograph Examination (MDE) of Friction Winder Hoist Ropes

Reliance Barker Davis (RBD) Mining Rope Cappel

RBD Guide Rope Sockets – Ropetech is an approved installer of RBD terminations

Ropetech designed Trolley for use on Aerial Ropeway Track Ropes when making a MDE Examination

MDE of Cable Crane (Blondin) Track, Hauling & Hoist Ropes

MDE of Cable Crane Hauling & Hoist Ropes

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Wire Rope Site Services

Wire Rope Condition Assessment

Magnetic Defectograph Examination (Wire Rope NDT) & Visual Examination

  • Vertical Shafts — Hoist / Winding, Guide & Balance Ropes.
  • Haulages Mineral & Passenger Carrying Hauling Ropes & Tail Ropes.
  • Cable Cranes / Blondins (Construction Projects) Track, Hauling & Hoist Ropes.
  • Aerial Rope Transport Mineral & Passenger Carrying Track Ropes & Hauling Ropes.
  • Ski lifts.

MDE of 61 (mm) dia. Full Locked Coil Track Ropes prior to installation

Ancillary Services
  • Socketing including fitting Reliance Barker Davies Banded Cappels. (This service is only available where Ropetech are providing other services to the client.)
  • Repair of broken wires in Locked Coil ropes. (Subject to rope design & application.)
  • Supervision of wire rope installation.
  • Mines & Quarries testing of re-capping samples. (This service is provided in association with our associate company.)
  • Analysis of wire ropes removed from service: visual, mechanical, chemical, metallurgical. (This service is provided in association with our associate company.)
  • Auditing of: Examination and Maintenance Procedures & ensuring compliance with the relevant Statutory Regulations and / or Codes of Practice.

On site socketing of 61 (mm) dia. Full Locked Coil Track Ropes

Wire Rope Management

Development of Procedures & Document preparation including:
  • Procedure for the acceptance into service of new wire ropes.
  • Schedule for in service condition assessment.
  • Discard criteria to be applied.
  • Required maintenance including in service lubrication.
  • Preparation of Wire Rope Specifications to ensure consistent supply of suitable wire ropes.
  • Technical assistance with wire rope purchase.
  • On behalf of clients: Liaison with suppliers on general matters and where problems have developed with ropes that have been supplied.

MDE of 61 (mm) dia. Full Locked Coil Track Ropes prior to installation

Training ServicesWe also provide training of in-house personnel in how to complete daily & monthly routine inspections and the associated record keeping.

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For impartial advice and comprehensive wire rope technical services, choose Ropetech

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Allied Mining Services

Mine Winding / Hoist Machinery

In 2006, in response to clients requests, Ropetech formed a working association with a recognised Polish mining technical service organisation the Research and Supervisory Centre of Underground Mining Co. Ltd (CBiDGP) to provide complimentary services to those of Ropetech in relation to Mine Winders / Hoists and associated equipment.

Services include:
  • Mine Winder Compliance Testing.
  • Various forms of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
  • Structural analysis of mine winding equipment such as:
    • Winding machinery & Headgear
    • Skips & Cages
    • Counterweights
  • Condition assessment and regulation of mine winder braking systems and associated control systems — electrical / electronic / hydraulic / pneumatic.
  • Accelerometer testing in mine shafts to determine the state of rigid skip / cage and counterweight guides.
  • Auditing of examination and maintenance procedures in regard to compliance with the relevant statutory regulations and / or codes of practice.

Audit of Mine Winder (Chile)

Regulation of Brake Callipers (Portugal)

Measurement of Cage Acceleration / Deceleration & Determination of Braking Efficiency

This skip in Portugal was damaged in a mid-shaft collision necessitating it to be immediately replaced but, no spare skip was available on site. To solve this problem, we organised for an engineer from our associates in Poland, someone officially certified to supervise skip construction and repairs, to come to site to supervise the re-construction of the damaged skip.

This head-sheave was damaged during installation and repaired on site by welding. Cracks subsequently developed at the positions of the welds. This has led to the necessity for periodic testing & control. (Portugal)

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Why Work With Ropetech?

  • You need fast answers and some help

    No need to get lost in the bureaucracy of a large organisation.

  • Talk directly to the person that takes the decisions

    No need to wait for a 'management' meeting.

  • Availability

    If you have a problem, we try to resolve it whatever the time of day or night or day of the year. (As far as practically possible.) You will not find an answering machine advising you that we are closed for the holidays!

  • Personal service

    We aim to provide a personal, professional and friendly service that meets your specific requirements.

  • No conflict of interest

    We are free from wire rope supply hence completely independent and impartial.

  • Many years of experience

    We have 38 years' experience of working with wire ropes.

More reasons to employ Ropetech

Read more about our background and how we can meet your needs better than most

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For impartial advice and comprehensive wire rope technical services, choose Ropetech

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Technical Papers

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