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Worldwide Since 1981

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Ropetech is a small specialist independent wire rope technical services company

We believe that we can meet your needs better than many of the other organisations offering similar services.

38 Years' Experience

Our knowledge is based on 10 years of working in one of the world's leading wire rope manufacturing companies, initially in production involved with the manufacture of stranded ropes, spiral strands and locked coil ropes; latterly in the technical services department. This has been followed by many years' experience of providing independent wire rope technical services.

Worldwide Contracts

Services have been provided in Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Portugal, Spain, Sri-Lanka & the United Kingdom

Experience of working on numerous types of installations

Mines, Cable Cars, Ski-lifts, Cable Cranes (Blondins), Offshore Cranes, Flare Stacks, Transmission Masts and Bridges.

Our Values

We seek to be honest, professional, and impartial in dealing with your needs. It is a fundamental principle that we never compromise the quality of work or safety for commercial gain. We believe in the principle of mutual advantage, in that whilst you provide us with work our objective is to help eliminate your problems that can adversely affect the efficiency, cost or safety of your operation.

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